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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Internet marketing in under 300 words

Today, you get to see the ugly, stench-ridden underbelly of my writing process. I actually recorded myself typing this blog post. While I removed a few typos that would've gotten me rated NSFW, the rest is pretty much straight-up:

And, in plain old text, in case you don't want the video version:

There are no tricks to internet marketing.

No secret methods.

It's about connecting with an audience.

It's about building a relationship that lasts.

Just for a second:
Forget "Social Media"
Forget search engines
Forget the internet

Focus on marketing.
Focus. On. Marketing.


Great marketing requires that you

Speak where you'll be heard
= Be found.

Favor 'clear'
Favor 'simple'
= Be understood.

Respond to questions
Help people out
= Please them.

Every person who finds you is a potential customer.
Every person who understands you is a potential salesperson.
Every person you please joins your marketing team.


K, you can think about the internet again.

The internet makes marketing easier:

Search engines and social networks help you show up.
The whole web gives you a chance to communicate clearly.
Social media helps you connect with customers.

But it's still marketing:

Show up.

I know what you're saying.

There's no trick.

There's no 'method'.

Does this really work?

You tell me:

You've now spent 30 seconds reading plain text.

On a screen.

There's no music.

There's no dancing raisins or speeding cars.

No tricks.

It's just marketing.
Delivered using the internet.

Tricky, huh?

You should try it.

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