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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Internet marketing requirements for clients

So, you've decided to hire an internet marketing company. Congratulations! Before you kick back your heels and say "go do it" to your newly hired partners, though, here are a few things you'll need to know:

You'll have to change your web site. A lot. Search engine optimization will require changes to content, code and maybe your entire server infrastructure. Conversion optimization and testing will require tweaks to your site design. Make sure you've got access and resources to handle that.You will end up on Facebook, and Twitter, and who knows where else. Get used to it.Your branding people will freak out. Lose their minds. Swallow their own tongues. Because your internet marketing firm is going to push things. In social media, nut cases do best.Your assumptions will be challenged. A good internet marketing agency will want to test everything. They'll add a big red 'buy now' button to the home page, or move navigation around, or tweak your e-mail marketing creative.Turnaround times will shrink. Rapid iteration is the best way to win at internet marketing.Someone's gonna have to write. No content, no marketing. Period.The short version: Everyone on your team, from the web developers to the designers to the CEO, are going to be uncomfortable. A good internet marketing firm will work just as hard to fit things to your own culture, to a point. but a good firm will also be brutally honest if they feel you're hurting yourself.

I'm writing this using in-flight wifi, so I'm done. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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