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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Conversation Marketing, The E-book: Now on sale

Back in 2001, I sat down at my blazing fast Pentium computer and started writing a book about internet marketing. Brainstorming it with John Cass, we realized "Hey, the internet is kind of two-way, like a conversation..." and that led to the title Conversation Marketing. Little things like babies slowed me down a bit, but in 2003 I self-published the book, titled, surprisingly, Conversation Marketing.

It's been for sale in print format for years, but a lot of folks have asked for an electronic version, so here it is: Conversation Marketing in PDF. You can buy it for $7:

Buy Now

If you want to read the whole advertising pitch for the book, you can look over here. But really, for $7, the PDF is a steal.

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