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Monday, February 14, 2011

My weirdest referring keywords

Yeahhhh I have no idea what to blog tonight. But I happened to take a peek at my referring keywords report in Google Analytics. Here are the weirdest of the bunch:

Monster trucks. I know the post that draws the traffic, but how the hell do I still rank for this phrase?Snidely Whiplash. Again, I know the post. It's just weird, is all.Hobbits. I'm too tall for this.Lemming. 47 clicks in 30 days.Dr evil mini me. 31 clicks.Sarah Palin hot. God save me.Ass 18. God save all of us.Porn keywords. Actually, just put us all out of our misery.Nude scenes on the net. ...Ian carrot. Make it stop oh please what are these people thinking?Lederhosen wedgie. At this point, I stopped, afraid of what else I'd find.

Update: OK, I lied. The home run of weird was someone finding my site with this phrase: "i nominate tunafish. if that's a word then i'd like to order a chickenbird sandwich or a steakcow with a baked potato."


Another update: Now I can't stop. I'm finding stuff like "beware networt", "can a gun make your head explode", "how to tie an inchworm" and "donkeyf ---k". Bwah? There are more, but I can't type them without getting embarrassed.

Another another update (I'm going to be up all night I can tell): "marketing finger polish", "spastic squirrel"

My advice: Don't review your referring keyword list below #100 or so. You'll be up all freaking night giggling insanely.

I promise, tomorrow I'll have something more, er, useful.

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