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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The best way to launch a web site

is to:

Choose a dictator. Committees design camels and K-cars, not success.Meet. Talk about features. Sketch out the plan, in rough terms.Stop talking and start coding.Build what's necessary, and no more.Design what's necessary, and no more.Code for speed, simplicity, and graceful degradation or progressive enhancement.Write great stuff. A beautiful design won't save you. If you sound like a moron, a great head of hair won't get you far.Put that stuff on the site (see #2).Slap anyone who says a feature has to be on the site because "it's part of the brand".Look at every graphic, page and feature and ask "What is this for?" If you can't answer in 15 seconds or less, remove it.Keep. The. Team. Together. For the whole project. Please. Otherwise, just shoot me in the groin and be done with it.Stop coding.Test it. If it works, launch it.Look and listen: See what your visitors think of your site by watching analytics, and by asking them.Go back to #1. Repeat.comments (4) | trackbacks (0) | permalink

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