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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Levinshtein link fixer (aka the Levinator) code, now available

October 15, 2010 by ian

Well, after spending 45 minutes trying to figure out github, I've realized I'm not as much of a nerd as I thought.

So, in the mean time, here's a nice ZIPped archive of the code for the Levenshtein link redirector I've written in PHP. I've named it the Levinator - Dr. Doofenshmirtz would be proud.

I've talked about it before, but here's the rundown.

This tool compares a list of good URLs and 404 URLs.

Then, using Levenshtein distance calculation, it figures out the closest-matching good URL for each broken one.

Finally, it generates a list of 301 redirects, .htaccess-style, so you can set up redirection.

You'll need:

PHPBasic knowledge of coding (very basic)A list of good URLs on your siteAnd a list of 404 errors - easy to get from Google Webmaster Tools

I'm releasing this under Creative Commons Share-Alike and require attribution.

Creative Commons License
The Levinator by Ian Lurie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Have at it:

[ Download the Levinator ]

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