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Friday, January 28, 2011

Google Adsense for beginner

Google adsense is one of the programs on the Internet that many people liked today. Google adsense is a google inc property in which they share profits to us by putting their ads on our site, if someone clicks on their ads on our site then we will be given a commission. Many members of google adsense who already earn more than $ 400 per month and some have been able to make $ 2500-3500 per month. awhat a fantastic amount.. The number of clicks that varied but given that I know it was around $ 0.01-$ 1 - $ 10 /clicks even more than that.

The good news now google adsense payment can be transferred through Western Union and can be disbursed to local banks that have logo of Western Union. Terms generally you must have a valid identification such as ID cards, driver's license or passport.

Perhaps many of you who don't know or are new to google adsense, but don't know how to start this business. But you should remember doing this business on the internet is not easy .. business takes patience and capital
of course, capital you need not spend as much as like opening a conventional business that spends millions of funds.

some tips and tricks that take into account is

Prepare your blog or website.

1. First determine what the content of your website, such as Weight Loss, Marketing, Education is up to your interests
2. For those who have insufficient capital to me your initial web of www.blogger.com
3. Find free articles on google remember not to look for articles that have copyright. search for free articles is the keyword or keyword "free articles" if you have found your particular Category select content appropriate for example Category "Adsense", Internet Marketing, "Business Opportunity", "Marketing", etc.
4. So the article was not copied try and rewrite your articles so unique in http://e-articles.info/content-rewrite/.
5. After the article succeeded in rewrite copy-paste in your website or blog.

Promote your Blog or Website ..

1. Promote your website in international marketing forum, I suggest in the forum Digitalpoint.com and Webmastertalk, do not forget to login and follow the rules and each forum.
2. Get in on the "Website Reviews" from each forum to ask for reviews from other forum members for web/blog you get traffic/visitors.
3. Wait 2-3 days, your blog is ready and there is a visitor, please register at: http://google.com/adsense, data and your name must match the name on the ID card to be able to withdraw money from google.
4. Usually your application approved within 1-2 days and send notification to your email.

If your application has been approved then you can put adsense code on your website or blog and start to earn income from every click.

Remember not to violate the rules if you want to make google adsense as a source of income for the long term:

1. Do not click on adsense ads on our own web/blog
2. Do not get someone else to click the ads or exchange clicks with other
Do not promote your web/blog in programs such as autosurf, paid to click, paid to read, pop ups
4. Read all the rules on the google website.
5. To make it easier then you can set the language on the member's area adsense: My account language-Edit and select Home. so that the view will speak english
6. For tips on web promotion/blog you can follow the above tips.

Tips to increase your adsense income:

1. Create more web or other blog and the best if you use your own domain.
2. Use Wordpress Adsense friendly templates that use, you can search for free web templates through google, how to use the keywords "Free Website template for Adsense" or to blogs with the word "free wordpress templates for adsense" and Select the template which you think would best and easy to use.
3. Fill your content with a profitable affiliate program information. Can the info about the PTR (Paid to read), PTC (Paid to click), etc..
4. Promote your website/blog, Remember do not think make a cheat by doing the click itself or get someone else, avoid the prohibitions contained in the web google adsense. If you do breac/fraud then your work will surely be in vain.

Important note:

1. You can put adsense code on many websites/blogs without needing to register again.
2. You will receive a PIN after having your income reaches $ 10 and then shipped to your address, enter the PIN in the member's area google adsense.
then make sure when you sign up you have to include your address as completely as possible.
3. Read the full guide on the adsense website, because it can be accessed in any language.

The last tip is start to try now ..
Good luck ...

Don't forget to bookmark this information, maybe next time you need, I'll share other advanced tricks and tips

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